Program Educational Objectives – Department of Information Technology
  • December 7, 2023
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Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

The process of defining PEOs

The Program Educational Objectives (PEO) are the broad statements of the objectives for which the Program is run. These objectives should help in achieving the mission of the department. The graduates are expected to lead a useful and healthy life in the society. These objectives should be in line, to the extent possible, with the current state in the industries and research organizations. The industry needs are measured through the feedbacks, interactions, expert talks by industry people and recruiting industries’ communications with Training and Placement Office (TPO). Feedback of Alumni working in top industries and reputed institutes was also useful. The steps followed are as below: 

1. Based on the needs of the country, society, and industries, PEOs were formulated by the faculty members of the department through discussions. 

2. The PEOs were communicated to the stakeholders for their suggestions, if any. 

3. The PEOs were finalized.

The following specific educational objectives aims to achieve these global and regional expectations. The following table shows the PEO identifiers and objectives.

PEO 01
To enable graduates gain strong skills for employment in multidisciplinary domains driven by IT
PEO 02
To enable graduates to pursue higher education and research
PEO 03
To enable graduates to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills
PEO 04
To enable graduates to contribute to the society in accordance with the highest
standards of ethics
PEO 05
To develop breakthrough solutions enabling transformations in a rapidly changing IT world

Mission of the Department – PEOs matrix

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